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  • Frame : The main Frame would be constructed from adequate thickness of rolled steel plate of IS2062 Gr-‘B’, cut to shape and size and welded with heavy cross ribbings, duly stress relieved to give maximum rigidity and minimal deflection.
  • Bolster: The Bolter would be of MS steel material accurately machined having ‘T’ slot for tool clamping.
  • Clutch & Brake : All presses are provided with a combination – Pneumatic friction clutch & Brake unit. The Clutch is engaged through air pressure. Brake is automatically applied when the clutch is released. The machine would have provisions for selection of OFF / INCH / CONTINUOUS operation. Emergency stopwatch would be provided in the control panel.
  • Crank Shaft : The Crank shaft would be of forged and normalized medium carbon steel to ensure toughness and shock resistance, It would be accurately machined and ground finished and so designed to ensure optimum factor of safety.
  • Slide : It would be a heavy duty cast iron / fabricated and accurately machined with provision for holding upper tool. The slide would run in extra long guide. Bearing surfaces would be properly machined for correct alignment and smooth operation. The ball seal would be of cast iron. The ball seal & cap would be assembled with pitman screw made from EN-24, material hardened at the ball and uniformly lapped.

Specifications : Model : ‘SR’ Ungeared, Fixed Stroke, Permanent Inclined at 45o / 60o

Model   SR-25 SR-40 SR-63
Capacity at 10o Crank angle before BDC at standard stroke Tonne 25 40 63
Stroke Fixed mm 100 100 120
Strokes per minute spm 120 110 90
Shut Height over Bolster mm 240 240 260
Slide Adjustment mm 50 63 63
Slide Face – LR x FB mm 355x224 400x250 450x280
Slide Face Opening – dia x depth mm 50x75 50x75 50x85
Size of Bolster – LR x FB mm 630x500 710x500 800x500
Opening in Table – LR x FB mm 260x300 260x300 300x300
Bolster Thickness mm 75 80 85
Height of Bolster surface from floor mm 855 955 960
Throat mm 265 265 250
Clear Distance between uprights (min) mm 330 365 400
Motor kw/rpm 2.2/960 3.7/960 5.5/960
Air Pressure required kg/cm2 5.5 5.5 5.5
Standard Accessories with each machine : Model ‘SR’
Pneumatic clutch Electric control panel Hand operated centralized lubrication pump
Motor suitable for 400/440 volts, 3-phase Standard bolster with nuts, bolts and washers Cam Limit Switch
Solenoid Valve Air Filter, Regulator and Mist Lubricator unit Rotor Seal
Mechanical Stroke Counter Pressure Switch Ejector bar in slide
Air Reservoir tank for pneumatic clutch Flywheel guard / Gearwheel guard Tommy Bar
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