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  • Frame:
    Made of thick welded steel plates of IS2062-Gr.B. The main plates are interlocked so as to relieve the welds from shear stresses. The frame takes the load directly.
  • Slide/Ram:
    Made of steel castings. It is guided on 6 long side ways. Extra long guide ways with thick frame sideways provides rigidity and maintain accuracy on loads.
  • Connection Rod:
    Made out of steel casting iron to provide more strength.
  • Ram Screw:
    Made of alloy forged steel.
  • Powered Stroke Adjustment:
    Stroke length adjustment is carried out by the operator by inching the ram to bring the index in front of the current stroke position. The clamping device is then re-engaged.

All the movements are powered and takes less then a minute.

This improves the efficiency of the operator and a lot of time is saved compared to the conventional methods.

Specifications of 'KCK Geared Model' Presses* HYD.O.Load:-

Model   KCK-25 KCK-40 KCK-63 KCK-100 KCK-160 KCK-200 KCK-250 KCK-315
Capacity in tone at 20 before BDC Tonne 25 40 63 100 160 200 250 315
Stroke Adjustable mm 20-80 20-90 20-100 20-125 20-160 20-160 20-160 200
Fixed mm 80 90 100 125 160 160 160  
Strokes per minute Spm 70 65 60 45 40 40 35 30
Shut height over bolster mm 250 300 350 400 425 450 500 500
Slide adjustment mm 60 70 80 100 100 100 100 100
Depth of Throat mm 220 245 280 340 415 415 475 490
Slide area LRxFB mm 350x250 410x350 510x410 610x560 800x640 800x640 1000x750 1000x750
Bolster area LR x FB mm 650x425 750x475 840x540 1070x660 1270x800 1270x800 1500x900 1500x900
Bolster Thickness mm 85 90 100 110 150 175 200 225
Main Motor Kw/rpm 2.2/1500 3.7/1500 5.5/1500 7.5/1500 15/1500 15/1500 18.5/1500 22/1500
Distance from Floor to top of Bolster mm 800 800 900 900 900 900 900 900
  • Technical specifications are subject to modifications without prior notice.
  • Some of the features are optional and are not a part of standard machine.

Hydraulic Overload/Safety Device:


A design that emphasizes stiffness and accuracy

Production is what the KCK is made for. Production means operating a tool at the highest stroke rates without risking breakage. It also means getting the largest number of parts from a tool between regrinds. This is only achieved if the tool is operated correctly, which requires stiffness, accuracy, and just the right tonnage.


After Sale Service

KAUSHICO does more than supply machines and start them up. Indeed, our after sales department is available for the servicing of any Kaushico press, and can supply all spares.

We know that to service a press is at least as important as to supply it, and we make a point of satisfying your requirements very rapidly. The KCK is a versatile press designed with the user in mind. It is easy to operate, easy to maintain, and carries all required safety monitoring devices to permit years of trouble free operation.

Standard Accessories:

  • Electricals suitable for 400/400 Volts, 3-phase, 50 cycle, AC Mains including main motor.
  • Motorised Ram adjustment 100 tonnes & above .
  • Solenoid Valve
  • Automatic Lubrication unit
  • Cam limit switch
  • Air reservoir tank
  • Bar ejection on slide
  • Slide counter balancer
  • Hydraulic Overload safety device
  • Surgetank for air counter balancer
  • Foot switch
  • Foundation drawing
  • Instruction manual
  • Stroke counter
  • Slot Height Indicator

Available Optional Features and Accessories:

  • Stroke adjustment mechanism
  • Die Cushion
  • Photo electric guards
  • Roll feed
  • Scrap chopper
  • Hydraulic die lifters
  • Tool loading arms
  • Coil cradle
  • PLC drive
  • Variable speed motor
  • Straightner
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