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‘C’ Frame, Open Back, Geared, Fixed /Adjustable stroke, 4-Gib Guided Box type slide, left to right Crank Shaft, Steel Plate, Fabricated Power Press with Automatic Lubrication Device, Motorized Slide adjustment along with Hydraulic Overload Safety device.

  • Frame
    All Frames are steel fabricated frames made from rolled steel plates of IS2062 Gr-‘B’. The main frame plates are in one piece re-enforced by ribbing wherever necessary to provide rigidity to the frame and assuring least defection on full load. The frames are stress relieved before machining.
  • Slide
    The slide is steel plate fabricated/casted box type slide. This accurately machined steel fabricated box type slide runs in extra long gibs fitted with PB liners, eliminating any possibility of tilting and maintains the parallelism of face even at off center loading.
  • Crank Shaft
    The Crank shaft would be of forged and normalized medium carbon steel to ensure toughness and shock resistance. It would be accurately machined and ground finished and so designed to ensure optimum factor of safety.
  • Hydraulic Overload Protection
    The machine is equipped with a standard pneumatically operated hydraulic overload safety device. At the time of overload, by exceeding the rating capacity tonnage, the sensitive Hydraulic Overload Protection device senses the overload with a millisecond and immediately stops the machine. This prevents any damage to the tool and to the press. The machine is made operational by pushing the reset button.
  • Motorised Slide Adjustment
    All ‘ESR’ machine comes with a standard motorized slide adjustment mechanism and is fitted with a brake motor. Brake motor drives the worn shaft and wheel made of P.B. material providing accurate positioning and quick adjustments.
  • Clutch & Brake
    All presses are provided with a combination pneumatic friction clutch & brake unit. The clutch is engaged through air pressure. Brake is automatically applied when the clutch is released. The machine would have provisions for selection of OFF / INCH / CONTINUOUS operation. Emergency stopwatch would be provided in the control panel.


Model   ESR-63 ESR-80 ESR-100 ESR-125 ESR-160 ESR-200 ESR-250 ESR-315
Capacity at 20o Crank angle before BDC      at standard stroke Tonne 63 80 100 125 60 200 250 315
Stroke Fixed mm 100 100 125 125 160 200 200 250
Adjustable mm 8-100 8-100 8-125 8-125 20-160 20-160 20-160  
Strokes per Minute spm 50 45 40 35 35 30 30 30
Shut Height over Bolster mm 350 350 400 400 425 450 500 500
Slide Adjustment –Motorized mm 80 80 125 125 125 125 125 150
Slide Face – LR x FB mm 610x450 610x450 710x560 750x600 800x630 900x710 900x710 1000x800
Size of Bolster – LR x FB mm 900x560 900x560 1120x710 1175x730 1250x800 1400x900 1400x900 1400x900
Bolster Thickness mm 90 90 100 100 120 120 140 150
Opening in Table –LR x FB x Dia mm 460x315x400 460x315x400 560x335x450 600x375x475 630x400x500 710x450x560 710x450x560 750x450x560
Height of Bolster Surface from Floor mm 900 900 900 900 900 900 900 900
Throat mm 280 280 355 365 400 450 450 480
Clear distance between uprights (min) mm 475 475 570 610 640 720 720 760
Motor Kw/rpm 5.5/1500 7.5/1500 7.5/1500 11/1500 11/1500 15/1500 18.5/1500 22/1500
Die Cushion capacity at 7.3 kg/cm2 Tonne 7 7 10 13.7 18 18 28 28
Die Cushion Pad Area - LRxFB mm 380x270 380x270 435x290 500x350 580x380 580x340 660x430 660x430
Stroke of Cushion mm 70 70 75 75 90 105 105 130
Air Pressure required for Clutch kg/cm2 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5 5.5
Standard Equipments (with each machine)
Hydraulic Overload safety device Dual Sensing Solenoid valve Air Filter, Regulator and Lubrication unit
Motorized Slide Adjustment Rotary 3 position Cam Limit Switch Mechanical Production counter
Squirrel Cage Electric Motor Suitable centralized (Motorised) Lubrication Pump Slide face having ‘T’ slots
Rotor Seal Fly wheel / Gear wheel guard Tommy Bar
Standard bolster with T-slots Ejector bar in slide  
Separate Air Tanks for Clutch & Pneumatic Balancers Pneumatic balancer for slide (2 nos.)  
Optional Equipments
Pneumatic Die Cushion Variable Speed Motor PLC Control
Photo Electric Guard Tool Loading Arms Die Lifter : Hydraulic / Mechanical
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